How are virtual resources transforming the ways
East Africans experience health and social change?

What is a Humanities Lab?

The first of its kind at the University of Kansas, we are a humanities-based “lab” comprised of Africanist faculty and Kiswahili students. Our lab offers a new model for research that emphasizes an interdisciplinary team approach to the study of pressing global social problems. Our lab is working to make a meaningful contribution to the Community Tool Box by engaging with the following questions: How do East African communities use digital technologies and resources to meet local demands? What are the social implications of translation and localization projects in digital health initiatives? How does one create Kiswahili models that reflect multicultural perspectives on health and development? How do we integrate ongoing research projects across sub-Saharan Africa with the Community Tool Box?

Hands-on instruction covering diverse research methodologies, including digital tools and techniques, as well as critical thinking about the research process.


Exploration of critical modes of inquiry for both undergraduate and graduate students using case studies in global health and medical humanities.

Field School

Summer fieldwork opportunities with a Tanzanian NGO concerned with issues of child health and development. Open to all Lab faculty and students.


Public unveiling of new contributions to the Community Tool Box within the context of a broader discussion among scholars and practitioners.

Each year, more than six million people from around the world access the Community Tool Box, a website created by University of Kansas researchers that provides a step-by-step guide for those seeking to improve the conditions that shape health and well-being in their communities.